Botox continues to be a popular product. We really enjoy injecting Botox because of the minimal downtime and very few side effects and ultimately patient satisfaction.

Botox must be injected by a qualified practioner. Our Botox injections are not only safe and effective but also some of the best priced you will find. We take time to decide, with our clients, the best strategy to use for their desires.

Botox is primarily used for the upper part of the face although can be injected in the lower. It not only improves wrinkles but over the long term, there is some evidence that it actually improves the texture as well.

Our Botox can also be used for axillary hyperhidrosis (under arm sweating) as well. We do not like the "frozen" look of many Botox patients and tend to use a different strategy to get a better outcome.

Latisse available in our clinic (Rx only) - grow your longer, thicker and darker lashes.