Collagen Tightening

We use different means to heat the collagen in your skin and help the body to reproduce necessary cells again which help the skin to become tighter not only under a microscope but also visually. You can use our quick treatment methods with no down time, which is an easy way to refresh your skin, but this would be used also as a maintenance treatment.

To use this example about your skin, it is like if you start working out in the gym for half year and then you stop, your muscles will become weaker and atrophy after a period of time. This is why maintenance collagen treatments are recommended few times a year as to keep the skin from aging quickly and force your cells to produce more of that collagen and tighten the bonds that keep the skins elasticity.

As demonstrated below, how would you like a no down time procedure with minimal discomfort for the wrinkles around your eyes?

Or you can choose to heat the collagen with our EURO facial peel and not only dramatically improve skin texture (as demonstrated by our photos), destroy unwanted lesions, minimize those nagging wrinkles, remove your sunspots, evaporate scars, but also stimulate the cells in the skin to continually produce collagen over a 6 month period ... all in one treatment.